2021-02-22 OMA Agenda - Board of Trustees (002)

Board of Trustees Meeting February 22, 2021 5:00 pm – 6:30pm

Mountain Standard Time (MST) Via computer, tablet, or smartphone https://obesitymedicine-org.zoom.us/j/94386434761?pwd=ZXVvQnU5T2t4WXl1K2l4ZVhOTmFPZz09 Presiding: Craig Primack, MD, FACP, FAAP, FOMA, President Time Topic Lead Action Doc# 5:00 Call to Order and Opening Remarks Craig Primack Order 5:02 Approval of the Agenda Craig Primack Decision 5:05 Conflict of Interest Disclosures Lydia Alexander Declarations 5:10 2020 Investment Performance 2020 Financial Performance Summary 2020 Financial Performance (preliminary) Holly Baroway, Stifel Katrina Crist Reports Class I docs 1 2 3 5:35 Journal of Obesity Medicine Association (JOMA) Craig Primack Katrina Crist Harold Bays Discussion and Decision Class III docs 4,5,6 6:20 Consent Agenda/Class II Documents • December 15, 2020 Minutes Craig Primack Decision Class II docs 7 6:25 New Business Craig Primack Introduction 6:30 Call to Adjourn and Closing Remarks Craig Primack Adjourn Board of Trustees - Briefing Documents for February 22,2021 meeting Class III Documents – Materials to be thoroughly reviewed in advance of the board meeting in preparation of introducing motions for deliberation and decision-making. 4. Journal Options and Summary 5. OMA Elsevier Journal Publishing Proposal letter 6. Insights to Societal Journal Class II Documents – Materials to be reviewed in advance of board meeting. These requests and documents are considered non-controversial or not needing board discussion, however, they do require formal approval or adoption by the Board of Trustees. Therefore, they are presented as part of a “consent agenda” which means they will be voted on as one motion to approve. If there is an issue/document you believe should be pulled for discussion/deliberation, please notify the President at craigprimack@gmail.com and the Executive Director at katrina@obesitymedicine.org 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Please include your reason for requesting discussion/deliberation on the issue. 7. December 15, 2020 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes Class I Do u ents – Provided for your information to keep you updated and in the loop of communication on items as needed. 1. 2020 Investment Performance 2. 2020 Financial Performance Summary 3. 2020 Financial Performance (preliminary)

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